Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods

Concern AXION, Ltd. exports goods to near-abroad and far-abroad countries. Kindly contact our managers to specify costs, terms and conditions of delivery.

At the moment we collaborate with the following forwarding companies:

  • United Parcel Service, Inc.
  • TrEK, Ltd.
  • Autolife, Ltd.
  • Energy, Ltd.
  • Garantpost, Ltd.

We can deliver goods with any other forwarding company after Buyer's approval. Original invoice, waybill and invoice are sent with the goods. If you have any questions, please call us:

  • +7 3412 78-78-24
  • +7 3412 51-02-31
  • +7 3412 78-58-97

Insurance of goods

If you want to insure your goods, be sure to inform our manager before the goods delivery. Buyer assumes all risks associated with damage or loss of the goods, since the transfer of it from our warehouse to forwarding company.