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Rinat Izhboldin
Director General Concern «AXION» Ltd. 

Concern AXION Ltd. is a modern multi-activity company with high scientific and technical potential and engineering capabilities. The factory is specialized in production and sales of various kinds of civilian products: medical equipment and household appliances. The factory enjoys more than 45-year history of the production of medical equipment. At the present day, the factory manufactures a wide range of medical products designed for different fields of medicine: functional diagnostics, resuscitation, neonatology, surgery and physiotherapy.

History and awards

Limited Liability Company Concern "Axion" is a leading enterprise in Russia for the production of medical equipment.

Year of foundation - 1999.

The company is a part of the holding company Izhevsky Motozavod “Axion-Holding” JSC and specializes in the manufacture and sales of civil products – medical equipment, household appliances and capital goods.

The Quality management system for design, development and production is certified for compliance with requirements of international quality standard ISO9001- 2001. Manufacture of medical equipment is one of the oldest and has over 40-year old history.

It was initiated in May,1970 at “Izhevsky Motozavod" with the production of a portable single-channel electrocardiograph ECG-N "Salyut" that was developed by engineering department "Salyut" in Moscow. It was a transistor device with autonomous power supply, designed with the use of printed mounting. The cardiogram was recorded on electrochemical paper with a heat pen. At that time there was no such modern portable electrocardiograph in mass production in the USSR. By 1976, the company manufactured more than 10,000 products. In December 1976, the device was certified for "Quality Mark".

In the 70s and 80s, ECG-N-Salyut was constantly used at the Salyut orbital station. In 1977-78 the model of the electrocardiograph "EC1T-03M" was used during two famous expeditions: Yuri Sienkiewicz with Thor Heyerdahl and the polar expedition of Komsomolskaya Pravda to the North Pole.

In subsequent years, various medical devices were produced: the aerial doctor's device and its modifications, the equipment for treatment and restoration of hearing for pediatric patients "Filter-MT" and "Filter-01", awarded with the bronze medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

Over time, a qualified design and engineering department was formed at the enterprise and a powerful production base was established.

Devices of our own design were put on production. Due to the expansion of the product range, the complexity of the tasks to be solved, the need to coordinate the work between a large number of factory services and external organizations, the first subsidiary - the Plant of Medical Equipment - was found at “Izhevsky Motozavod” in 1995, which was created on the basis of two assembly workshops.

In 1997, a medical production line was formed, headed by "Axion-Medtechnika" CJSC, which included three subsidiaries.

In January 1999, Concern "Axion" JSC was founded and adopted the glorious traditions of the company for the production of medical equipment. Currently, medical equipment is developed in the following areas: functional diagnostics, resuscitation, neonatology, physiotherapy and surgery.

Laureate of  the program-contest "100 Best Goods of Russia", 2016
Laureate of  the program-contest "100 Best Goods of Russia", 2015
Award winner of  the program-contest "100 Best Goods of Russia", 2015
Prize "Quality Leader"