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Health care

Concern "Axion" Ltd. is an industrial and trade company that provides consumers in the Russian and international markets with a wide range of products and services under the trade marks "AXION" and "Breeze". The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, supplying, warranty and service maintenance of household appliances and medical equipment, as well as production-technical products.

Primary objectives of the company in the field of healthcare and safety

  • Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for our employees;

  • Ensuring the priority of life and health of employees in relation to the results of production activities;

  • Ensuring the availability of reliable information on the labor protection status in the company, both from the employer to the employee, and vice versa;

  • Increasing the level of responsibility of each employee regardless of his profession or position for compliance with duties in the field of healthcare and safety;

  • Ensuring the appropriate level of competence in the field of healthcare and safety through the organization of quality training of personnel;

  • Constant increasing the level of working conditions safety due to ensuring trouble-free operation of equipment, implementation of new technologies and application of modern personal protective equipment;

  • Constant improvement of the safety management system in order to maintain it consistent with the current needs of society.

The success of the Concern's enterprises is based on the following values:

  • Our people - the source of our strength, intellectual wealth, corporate culture.

  • Our products - the end result of collective efforts, the source of development and prosperity of enterprises.

Сorporate culture

The purpose of our work is to create high-quality and reliable products that would allow people to solve their needs simply and effectively, while receiving satisfaction and joy from using "Axion" goods.

We value our customers, trademark and traditions. This is the basis of the system of principles, values, norms and views that form our culture, attitude towards the goals and methods of achieving them.

We, the members of the Board of Directors, declare that the satisfaction of the needs of the customers, the shareholders and the personnel of the Concern enterprises and society as a whole to be the purpose of the company activities.

We believe that one of the instruments for achieving this goal is the safety management system that meets the requirements of GOST R 12.0.006-2002, and we commit ourselves to ensure compliance of the health and safety management system with these requirements, and constantly improve its effectiveness.

The Board of Directors undertakes to comply with the health and safety policy, to respect these values and calls upon all the personnel of the company to do the same.

Director General of Concern “Axion” Ltd. Sergey Ekimchev