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Mattress MEM-01 "Axion"

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Mattress MEM-01 "Axion"

Medical-purpose electric mattress MEM-01 «AXION» can be used in maternity and children's hospitals. It consists of a bed with a control unit. The temperature of the bed is preset by a doctor.

The control unit maintains the preset temperature automatically. The Mattress may be placed on a table or may be put in a bed equipped with a pediatric bath of the KN-05.13 type. At that, the control unit all be hung on the bed board.

Sound and light alarm signals are generated in the following events:

Power is off accidentally (220V, 50Hz);

Temperature sensor is out of order;

Bed temperature exceeds 39°С;

Temperature control system fails;

Bed temperature falls outside the preset limits by more than ±1°С;

Temperature setting

from +35 °

to +38 °

Temperature setting increment 0,1°С

Temperature maintenance accuracy ±1°С

Time of heating to the preset temperature 30 minutes max

Time of the continuous operation at least 4 days and nights

AC mains power supply 220 V/50 Hz

Power consumption 60 VA max

Overall dimensions:

Control unit 180х310х220 mm

Bed 680х400х220 mm

Weight 2 kg

Features and grade medical equipment are subject to change without notice. In avoid misunderstandings when buying, check the information with manager by phone (3412) 78-45-47 or (3412) 78-45-47.


Concern "Axion" Ltd. provides complex deliveries of production in all regions of Russia. The cost and delivery time should be discussed with the manager by phone or e-mail. Delivery to the transport company in Izhevsk is free of charge. The buyer pays only the cost of the transport company services. The cost of delivery can be included in the invoice, as transportation services or delivery can be paid by the Buyer upon receipt of the goods directly to the transport company. We can send the goods by any other transport company as agreed by the buyer. The original invoice, packing list and tax invoice are sent together with the goods. .