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Unit of Newborn Warming-up UON-03 F "Axion"

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Unit of Newborn Warming-up with Phototherapy UON-03 F "Axion"

Unit of Newborn Warming-up with Phototherapy Function UON-03 F «AXION» is designed for heating and carrying out phototherapy sessions for a newborn (hyperbilirubinemia treatment). It is used in intensive care maternity and pediatric hospitals. Using the device makes
routine procedures with newborn easier and more comfortable for medical staff.


An infrared ceramic heater is the main heating source;

Possibility of conduction phototherapy session simultaneously with warming-up session in manual and automatic modesl;

Additional heating source - flexible heating element placed in the heated cushion;

LEDs emitting blue light with wavelength (465 ±15) nm forhyperbilirubinemia treatment;

Four rubber-coated wheels, including two equipped with brakes;

2 shelves for staff convenience;

Cutaneous sensor for temperature heating control;

Manual and “Timer” modes;

Alarm system with simultaneous activation of the audible and visual signals in case of fault occurrence, patient's temperature rising over 38.5C or temperature deviations of more than + -1C.

Overall dimensions, max 770х1150х1950 mm (without roating components)

Power supply from AC mains (220±22) V / 50 Hz

Power consumed, max 1000 VA

Temperature adjustment range + 35 ° to + 38 °

Temperature measurement error in the range + 35 ° to + 38 ° no more than ±0,3 °

The error of automatic temperature control no more than ±1 °

Temperature adjustment step 0,1 °С

Radiance wave length 465 nm

Blue light radiation intensity, min 1200 W/cm2

Weight no more than 70 kg

Phototherapy session time from 0 to 99 h 59 min

Light intensity at the patient’s level 500 lux

Distance from radiator to bed 850±50 mm

Time of continuous operation, min 4 days and nights

Features and grade medical equipment are subject to change without notice. In avoid misunderstandings when buying, check the information with manager by phone (3412) 78-45-47 or (3412) 78-45-47.


Concern "Axion" Ltd. provides complex deliveries of production in all regions of Russia. The cost and delivery time should be discussed with the manager by phone or e-mail. Delivery to the transport company in Izhevsk is free of charge. The buyer pays only the cost of the transport company services. The cost of delivery can be included in the invoice, as transportation services or delivery can be paid by the Buyer upon receipt of the goods directly to the transport company. We can send the goods by any other transport company as agreed by the buyer. The original invoice, packing list and tax invoice are sent together with the goods. .

Certificates and Protocols

СЕ certificate UON 03F

СЕ certificate UON 03F