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Defibrillator - monitor DKI-N-11 "Axion"

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Defibrillator - monitor DKI-N-11 "Axion"

Defibrillator- monitor «AXION» is new device in the product range of Ltd. Concern "AXION". All technical characteristics of the model DKI-N-11 “AXION” are saved: the formation of physiologically optimal bipolar pulse energy to 360 J. Functions of external, endocardial and transesophageal pacing. Kids and adults electrodes. Time of energy accumulation 200 J- 6 sec, 360 J – 10 sec. Voice support of the operator's and device operation. All information is displayed on the TFT-screen and recorded on thermal printer. Power supply 220 V is added. Storage battery is built-in. There is a replaceable memory card.

Pulse                                                   Physiologically optimal bipolar pulse with automatic      correction of duration and shape depending
on the patient impedance

Defibrillation pulse energy, J
                                    for adults                   5/10/25/50/75/100/150/200/250/300/360
                                                                         (additional function of power accumulation    over 200J, with the adult electrodes)        
                                    for children                      5/10/25/50/75/100/150
                                                                    (shut-down of power over 150J, when working in the children's mode)                              
Time of energy accumulation, no more than, sec
                                                                                     200J                                6
Number of defibrillation pulses from the fully
charged storage battery, no more than
                                                                                     200J                                70
                                                                                     360J                                40

Time of holding accumulated energy with
indication of remaining seconds, with subsequent                               30
automatic reset of the stored energy to the internal load,
no more than, sec

Two ECG receiving channels           From defibrillation electrodes and separate ECG cable
ECG-monitoring through a 4-lead ECG cable                        I...II, aVR...aVF
ECG-monitoring through a 10-lead ECG cable (option)        I...III, aVR...aVF, V1...V6
ECG channel sensivity, mm/mV                                                   5,  10, 20
Image motion speed, mm/sec                                                    12,5; 25; 50
HR measuring range,  bpm                                                       from  30 to 300
The absolute error of HR measuring,  bpm                                        ±2
Paper width, mm                                                                                 58
Possibility of grid printing at a pitch of  1mm                                   Presence                                                                      
Sweep speed,  mm/sec                                                                  12,5; 25; 50                                  

for defibrillation electrodes                                                                 BF type
with protection against defibrillation for separate electrodes
of the monitor                                                                                     CF type
with protection against defibrillation via blood
pressure control channel                                                                    BF type
for SpO2 control channel                                                                    BF type
for pacing channels                                                                             CF  type

Power shutdown                                                               at the patient's body resistance of
                                                                                     lower  than 12 Ohm and higher than 200 Ohm, as well as  
                                                                                   in case of open and closed electrodes
In the event of failure of the defibrillation                                     Manual reset of the stored energy to the internal load
LCD display                                                                                        colour TFT
Display size                                                                                        152х91mm
Diagonal                                                                                               7''
Resolution                                                                                       800 х 640 pixels
Time of monitor restoration after defibrillation, no more than               6 sec

Displaying information:
Values of the preset energy, three ECG leads, the replacement battery
condition, upper and lower alarm limits for heart rate and the current value,
energy accumulation process, current date and time, recording mode, current applied and the resistance of the patient's chest, photoplethysmogram, pulse frequency, SpO2 value, systolic and diastolic blood Pressure values, pacing channel settings, message duplication of voice support of the operator's actions and device operation

Power supply:
When operated from replaceable storage battery
Battery charging time, at least                                                                4h
When operated from DС mains                                                              12-20 V
When operated from  AC mains                                          190-250V of frequency 50-60Hz
Period of continuous operation when operated AC mains, at least          168h                                                                
Mains power, no more than                                                                     210 VA
Period of continuous operation in monitoring mode when
operated from the rechargeable storage battery, at least                           3h                                                                                        

Automatic external defibrillation (AED) — option                                   100-360J
Blood pressure channel —  option  
Range of blood pressure measurements, mm Hg                               from 20 to 280                                                                                                                                
The absolute error of blood pressure measurement in cuff, mm Hg               ±3                                          
Pulsoximetry channel — option
The range of SpO2 measurement, %                                                                  0-100
The absolute error of SpO2 readings, %                                                          ±3
The range of pulse rate measurement,  bpm                                      from 30 to 240
The absolute error of pulse rate measurement, bpm                                         ±2                                                                                    

Pacing — option
Types of pacing (External cardiostimulatory channel)           External (EKSN)
                                                                                               Endocardial (ENDO)
                                                                                               Transesophageal (TEES)
External Cardiostimulatory channel modes                            Fixed

External pacing
Frequency setting, pulse/min
fixed and demand modes                                                            from 40 to 180
overdrive mode                                                                            from 40 to 250
Pulse duration setting, msec                                                        from 20 to 40
Pulse current setting, mA                                                             from 10 to 180
Allowed load range, Ом                                                                    100-500

Endocardial pacing
Frequency setting, pulse/min
fixed and demand modes                                                          from 40 to 180
overdrive mode                                                                        from 40 to 900
Pulse duration setting, msec                                                            0,5; 1
Pulse current setting, mA                                                    from 4 to 20 at a pitch of 2
Allowed load range, Ohm                                                                400-600

Transesophageal pacing
Frequency setting, pulse/min
fixed and demand modes                                                       from 40 to 180
overdrive mode                                                                       from 40 to 900
Pulse duration setting, msec                                                      5; 10
Pulse current setting, mA                                                from 4 to 50 at a pitch of 2
Allowed load range, Ohm                                                           700-1300

Data prcessing:
Memory card slot                                                                         microSD
Supply package:
Basic equipment
Defibrillator-monitor with built-in power supply unit
and charging unit                                                                                1 pc
Storage battery (NiCd, 14,4V, 1900 mA•h)                                        1  pc
Battery charging unit with automatic shutdown                                Built-in                                                                        
Registrar of recording on paper
with automatic and manual switching                                              Built-in
Power cord 1,8m                                                                                1 pc
Disposable electrodes for ECG monitoring                                       50 pcs
Adult and kids electrodes, reusable                                                   Built-in
ECG cable for 4 electrodes with plug of “crocodile” type                    1 pc
Carrying bag                                                                                        1 pc
Operational documentation                                                                 1 set
Paper                                                                                                    2 pcs
Additional equipment
Mains unit 12- 20 V                                                     1 pc (at the customer's request)
Chest ECG electrodes                                                 6 pcs (at the customer's request)
Limbs ECG electrodes                                                    1 set (at the customer's request)
Disposable electrodes for external cardiac stimulation                        1 set                                                                            
ECG cable for 10 electrodes with 4 mm pin                   1 pc (at the customer's request)
Cuff, average size, for adults                                                                   1 pc
Pulsoximetrical cabel                                                                               1 pc
Endocardial pacing set                                                     1 pc (at the customer's request)
Transesophageal pacing set                                            1 pc (at the customer's request)

General characteristics:
Dimensions, mm.                                                                                           310х340х175
Weight, kg, max                                                                                                7
Resistance to mechanical stress                         (GOST R 50444)                Group 5

Features and grade medical equipment are subject to change without notice. In avoid misunderstandings when buying, check the information with manager by phone (3412) 78-45-47 or (3412) 78-45-47.


Concern "Axion" Ltd. provides complex deliveries of production in all regions of Russia. The cost and delivery time should be discussed with the manager by phone or e-mail. Delivery to the transport company in Izhevsk is free of charge. The buyer pays only the cost of the transport company services. The cost of delivery can be included in the invoice, as transportation services or delivery can be paid by the Buyer upon receipt of the goods directly to the transport company. We can send the goods by any other transport company as agreed by the buyer. The original invoice, packing list and tax invoice are sent together with the goods. .

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