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Syringe pump D01 “Axion”

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Syringe pump D01 “Axion”

The D01 Syringe Pump is used for the drug injection at a constant low rate for a prolonged period in ambulances and in-patient units.


  • Various power sources – a battery, 220 V AC mains, a 12 V DC external source, including an ambulance power system
  • Convenient to use due to the low weight, compact size and possibility to mount it on an infusion rack with a clamp
  • Drug library (25 items)
  • Wide adjustable range of drug injection rate
  • Time of continuous operation in battery mode is 5 hours (when the infusion rate is 25 mL/h)
  • Prolonged infusion – up to 100 hours
  • High accuracy of drug dosing
  • Easy to use due to the user-friendly menu
  • Safe for a patient due to the visual and audible alarms actuating when the infusion is nearly complete and complete, the power supply is absent, a syringe is improperly installed, the infusion rate does not conform to the syringe installed, the infusion line is obstructed, the battery is low, the dosing device is idle for more than 30 minutes.
  • 2.8” high-information-content, colour TFT display
  • Capability for automatic and manual locking of keys
  • Connection to the control station or PC via a USB-port
  • 5 infusion modes: constant rate, time-cycled, based on dosage and patient’s weight, bolus injection, “keep the vein open”
    ● Compatible with all 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 mL syringes of foreign and Russian manufacturers
    ● Suited for the ambulances

Features and grade medical equipment are subject to change without notice. In avoid misunderstandings when buying, check the information with manager by phone (3412) 78-45-47 or (3412) 78-45-47.


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