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To place an order kindly prepare the following information:

1. The PCB project file in PCB or PCBDOC format

2. Printed board assembly drawing including positional designations of elements and their orientation (in PDF, DXF format);

3. Wiring diagram of installation of all elements;

4. A complete specification-list (BOM) with the names and item designations of the elements and corresponding values, the type of case and number of components (textually in Word, Excel format or in the form of a specification according to the Unified System of Design Documentation)

5. Additional technical requirements for assembly (if any):

  • Components that are installed or not installed after PCB assembly (with a note - do not install)
  • PCB cleaning (required\not required)
  • components that can not be washed in an ultrasonic bath.
  • protective coating (required\not required)
  • separation of boards after assembly from the workpiece, requirements for processing contours (required\not required)


Mubarakshin Ravil
Deputy Director General for Development
tel. +7 (3412) 51-24-20
tel./fax: +7 (3412) 51-24-23

Petrov Victor
Leading specialist
tel. +7 (3412) 78-79-84