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Сontract manufacturing

Surface mounting

The modern technological equipment of the enterprise allows to make installation of all types of cases of surface-mounted elements, including BGA, QFN, etc.

When developing the technological process of assembling products with surface-mounted elements, it is possible to combine the operation of equipment units from the composition of lines for manual and medium-scale assembly to obtain maximum efficiency of the production process.

The automated line of surface mounting includes the following equipment:
- Semi-automatic stencil printer BS1300 (AUTOTRONIK)

- Automatic loader of PP from cassettes to the line, model ML-460A (WEC)

- High-performance SMD assembly machine, model 4993D AdVantis 3 AC-30S

- SMD assembly machine, model 4982 ° C AdVantis AC-72 (UIC)

- Flexible high-speed automatic machine, model Fuzion XC2-37 on a two-beam construction (Universal Instruments)

- Conveying workplace, model C-100JL (WEC)

- Flexible Reflow Oven, model RX-7 (TOLO)

- Automatic loader of PP from cassettes to the line, model MU-460A (WEC)

Soldering of electronic components, space-wired installation

The company performs all types of works on the installation of any type of electronic components on printed circuit boards, including the manufacture (if necessary) of the molding tools.

Any types of installation performed inside electronic equipment, instruments and devices, including the manufacture of cable products (jumpers, harnesses, cables, etc.). Depending on the volume of the order, installation can be performed manually or automatically.

Manual installation

Manual insertion is carried out in the electricians workplaces equipped with modern soldering stations Weller, Pace, Magister.

Automated installation

Installation of pin components in medium- and large-scale production is performed on a DeltaWave soldering system 6622SS by VitronicSoltec: The installation also can be used for the soldering of surface-mounted components, if necessary, for the automation of mixed installation. There is all the necessary equipment for preparing the elements for installation - machines for forming and cutting axial and radial components.

PCB cleaning

Cleaning of the printed circuit assemblies after installation is carried out on the Uniclean-4 machine, which allows combining various methods of exposure to achieve the best cleaning quality (ultrasound, jet, bubbling, circulation of liquid). Cleaning liquid - VIGON US.

Protective coating

Boards mounted in products designed for operation in difficult climatic conditions are coated with Peters twin cure 1600E-FLZ. The protection of printed circuit assemblies is carried out on an automatic line of selective application of materials with subsequent UV curing.